Bainbridge Island is roughly the size of Manhattan, geographically. However, we have just around 24,000 people. The really amazing part of living here though is how engaged the members of the community are. With over 120 registered non-profits, plus other strong civil society groups, this island takes great pride in making it a livable and friendly place, for both residents and our visitors. 

I personally take pride in my community engagement. I am proud member of the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island as well as sit on the Board of Directors for the island's Chamber of Commerce.  This is a vibrant island full of lovely opportunities to explore the outdoors, getting involved in the arts, or learning new hobbies. We truly benefit from the skill and dedication within the city government, a diverse business community, dedicated non-profits, and a beautiful agricultural tradition, all living and thriving on this island paradise.

To learn more about island organizations, a great resource is the Bainbridge Community Foundation. They have one of the more comprehensive lists of local non-profits, as well as being an excellent source for promoting a healthy and vibrant community themselves.

Bainbridge Ready Charitable Giving Program

As part of my commitment to help make this island livable and enjoyable for all, I pledge to make a matching donation annually for each client that donates to Helpline House. They are a 501c(3) community-funded non-profit agency providing a full range of services, including financial, energy, and transportation assistance, free mental health counseling, supplemental food assistance, and referrals to other resources and partners.  Helpline also provides a medical equipment loan program free of charge.  Services are provided cost-free to those in need. Needs are defined broadly, and are not always financial.  Any community member in crisis or in need of social work consultation, volunteer opportunities or other related services is welcome at Helpline House.

I strongly encourage everybody to get involved with a fantastic organization on a level that is meaningful to them. Please contact me to learn more about Helpline House or Bainbridge Ready’s Giving Program in our community.